EMAT control system

Description of the product

The Emat Control System is an ultrasonic measuring system adapted for use in industrial conditions.

The device takes advantage of the EMAT non-contact measuring method, and consequently enables quick inspection of varied industrial processes, among others such as m.in. Hemming, checking welds in the automotive industry, testing of adhesive joints, continuous thickness measurement of metals.

The device is capable of operating with an integrated industrial robot and has its own system of recording and archiving measurement data as well as a reporting module.


The system is controlled through a central unit based on an industrial computer with a 15” touchscreen.

The application enables quick entering of the measuring parameters and configuration of the reporting module. The system displays visually results of the examination in real time and generates aggregate reports afterwards. The application creates histograms from user-defined time intervals and exports databases thus providing control over the manufacturing process.

By means of the software the user determines the maximum values of measurement deviations and sets the appropriate alarm functions allowing operation in the OK-NOK mode. The system automatically performs calibration and diagnostic tests of the measuring unit.

Advantages of the system

  • quick integration with industrial robot at the production line
  • intuitive application with touch user interface
  • personalisation of the reporting module dependant on the process being checked
  • contactless measurements, no coupling medium
  • efficient measuring module
  • high repeatability of the measurements
  • maintenance-free operation
  • no consumable elements
  • the system is suited to conditions prevailing at the production line
Technical parameters

Frequency measurement100Hz
Measurement accuracy0,1mm
Supply voltage230VAC
Overall dimensions1500x700x480mm