ImmerSonic Scanner

Description of the product

ImmerSonic is a high quality ultrasonic system intended for immersion ultrasonic testing, which is non-destructive. the device can be used to inspect construction elements and material structures, such as metal alloys or composites.

The ImmerSonic consists of an automated scanning arm capable of moving in three axes, a stationary computer equipped with a data acquisition module and an aluminium-framed container that enables immersion of the tested items in a liquid in order to ensure the right coupling.

The ImageScan dedicated software enables detailed analysis of the data collected during the inspection along with the option of exporting and reporting. The software has a work mode intended for testing porous and composite structures.

The basic version of the device is equipped with a 3-axis scanning arm; however, on customer’s request, the scanner can be delivered with two extra axes enabling rotation of the measuring head around a selected axis.


Working area*x: 300 mm
y: 300 mm
z: 400 mm
Scanning performance**1 m2/h
Positioning accuracy0,05 mm – adjustable
Positioning resolution0,01 mm
Maximum travel speed150 mm/s
Measuring modesPulse-echo
Measuring bandwidth100 kHz – 20 MHz
Repetition rate2000 Hz
Measuring transducer200 MHz, 12 bit
Transducer dynamics105 dB
FiltersAnalogue band filters
*Example – working area can be rescaled and adapted to the customer’s individual needs
**For measurements every 5 mm travel speed of the scanning arm 100 mm/s

  • flaw detector functionality
  • preview of A-mode images in real time
  • B-scan and C-scan images saved to digital files
  • C-scan imaging based on amplitude and ToF (Time-of-Flight)
  • quick separation of layers in ToF images
  • export of results to CSV files for MS Excel
  • 2D imaging with automatic marking and dimensioning of defects
  • intuitive operation
  • user-friendly modular interface
  • analysing and reporting
  • archiving and management of measurements
Example of C-type images of a carbon laminate: amplitude-based and ToF

The application has the functionality of a classical ultrasonic flaw detector. The main window displays the A-scan in real time and in the tabs below the following settings can be adjusted, among others:

  • amplification
  • scope of observation
  • frequency of the generated waveform
  • analogue filter band
  • measurement gate intervals
Precise measurements of casting thickness

The system automatically takes measurements of the thickness of aircraft turbine engine blades with an accuracy of up to 25 μm. The application of the industrial robot made it possible to reduce the duration of the testing and to implement the system in the production line.